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Welcome to Tintarella, a 100% Mexican swimsuit brand! We are proud to present unique and exclusive designs that reflect the vibrant and versatile essence of our modern designs.
At Tintarella, we are passionate about creating swimsuits that not only make you look amazing, but also celebrate family unity. We design matching swimsuits for the whole family, and others that celebrate your individuality and style allowing you to create unforgettable memories while enjoying the sun and the beach.
Each of our designs is carefully crafted with attention to detail and the highest quality standards. If you look carefully, in most of our printed designs you will find a fun hidden element that will make your model unique and special.
At Tintarella, we are committed to sustainability and caring for the environment. In 2024, it is a fundamental part of our plan to minimize the environmental impact of our products and processes.
For now, we worry about using top quality fabrics that give you comfort and durability, and provide long life so you can enjoy your swimsuits for a long time.
Join our Tintarella family and let us be part of your beach adventures. Celebrate life, family and modern style with our unique and versatile swimsuits!
Welcome to Tintarella, where style and fun go hand in hand under the Mexican sun!