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5 beach outfit ideas for men

5 Ideas de outfit de playa para hombre
5 beach outfit ideas for men
Little trip to the beach with friends. Do you already know what you're going to pack so you don't look like a dad in socks and sandals? Be careful: it still depends on the “mood” of the trip. It is not the same to go to Puerto Escondido to a rented house, for a more bohemian look, than to travel to Cancun to a hotel to rock out at pool parties. Combining your swimsuit outfits has its charm and anyone can adapt them to their style. Even more so if you have a variety of swimsuit looks and prints, like the one in the Tintarella catalogue . Keep reading, here we give you 10 ideas for beach outfits for men!
  • Basic ideas
  • First the basics: combinations that are and combinations that are not.
     Suitable color combinations:
      • Sky blue/coffee, green, pink, purple, beige, gray
      • Navy blue/beige, yellow, pink, green
      • Red/white, beige, sky blue, purple, black, coffee
      • Pink/purple, beige, gray, coffee
      • Yellow/black, coffee, gray, purple
    • Two different prints never get along. Are you thinking about our Spades, Dragon Fly, Erizos Pink or Sea Party models? Then you want a plain white shirt that highlights the design of the suit. Highly recommended!
    • Anything more than white? Choose shirts with colors that are already in the suit. For your Kiwis or Mahi Mahi suit, combine it with one of the two blue suits. Use red for Blue Origamix.
    • The same goes the other way around: if you prefer our Navy Pink or Aqua Peach models, give yourself the freedom to wear plaid, striped or textured shirts.
    • Naturally avoid many layers of clothing. On the beach you should go for the minimum. A tank top and an open shirt with rolled up sleeves is the most you should combine. Not only because of the heat: an overloaded look is not compatible with the beach atmosphere.
  • Workout outfit
  • Do you go to the gym 6 months before traveling so as not to show off your results? A tank top is always an excellent option. Add a cap to combine the sporty look. Avoid, in this case, hats, huaraches or leather sandals or sandals with a more formal appearance. Choose sandals with a simple strap, between the thumb and the other fingers for this outfit.
  • bohemian style
  • We think of a bohemian style and we think of something minimalist: a plain linen shirt, rolled up, with a medium-brimmed hat and the Navy Fly or Mosaics models. Necklaces, bracelets or rings are fantastic for this look. But don't overdo it: remember your comfort on your vacation. Give yourself the freedom to wear leather sandals or huaraches with this look.
  • Go simple
  • Plain polo shirts or t-shirts with simple prints are always a good option for a beach look. They are also easy to combine with different styles of sandals or sunglasses. Choose polos for a slightly more classy style and t-shirts for a more casual look.
  • Classy
  • Tom shoes, a plain swimsuit and cotton shirts, always rolled up or with short sleeves, with hair exposed and well combed, are fantastic elements for an attractive and formal beach look.