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7 incredible activities to do with your children on the beach

7 actividades increíbles para hacer con tus hijos en la playa
7 incredible activities to do with your children on the beach
Ready to pack your favorite Tintarella and take the kids to the beach? If you have already decided on your best destination with sea and sand for the next vacation, you cannot miss these fantastic beach activities that will keep your children entertained, fun and happy in the sand.
  1. The famous sand castle
You can't miss the classic sand castle! But make it fun: start building it just a few meters from where the waves come. Challenge the children to make the castle last all night, from one day to the next. This will force them to build the best defenses to protect their fortress from the waves. They can be canals or walls that contain water. The joke will be, in any case, that the castle survives the rise of the tide during the night.
  1. Marble path
Something different from the castle? With the help of a shovel and bucket, dig a path in the sand with the children where marbles or small balls can roll. Don't forget, of course, to bring the marbles from home, on the beach they will be more difficult to get. If the path in the sand is long enough, play with them to guess which marble will reach the goal first.
  1. Rosca de reyes… in the sand
For this game, you or one of your children will have to build a large donut with sand. Inside it, as in the traditional king's cake, without anyone else in the family seeing them, they hide two or three sea shells (they could also be marbles, if they have them). Finally, break the thread into pieces. The one who has the shell hidden in his piece will be the loser. Have fun “punishments” for the losers and increase the entertainment.
  1. Make a tunnel
More complicated than the castle, but just as fun, suggest that your children create a system of tunnels in the sand through which the water from the waves can circulate. The challenge will be greater and will take longer, since they must complete the task without the tunnels falling. Do it together in case they need help and share the moment.
  1. drawings in the sand
Form two teams of at least 2 people each. Each member of a team must tell another team member something to draw in the sand. The teammate must guess what the drawing that his partner makes on the sand represents in a given time. You can play this game with movies, series, cartoons or famous characters as the whole family wants.
  1. Mini golf
Or “mega-golf”, depending on the ball you bring to the beach. If you have marbles, make a small hole in the sand where they will fit and establish a starting point from where you and your children will start throwing them. The winner will be the one who manages to get the marble into the hole first. Add difficulty to the game by outlining a path in the sand with two lines through which the marbles cannot exit.
  1. Games with shadows
Did you see the shadow that the sun makes with your body when you stand in the middle of the sand? Draw the silhouette of the shadow with your children and draw on it or decorate it with shells, beach clothes, sunglasses and hats. The activity is not only creative but entertaining for everyone.
REMEMBER: all these activities must be done with appropriate care for your children's skin. Buy our UV wetshirts now and read our article on the subject.