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Trend colors to wear these next spring holidays

Colores tendencia para vestir estas próximas vacaciones de primavera
Trendy colors to wear these upcoming spring holidays.
The Easter holidays are already around the corner and, as fashion is a trend that is always in constant change, you have to know which colors will be most used to wear during the upcoming period of the year. Discover which Tintarella is your best fashion option! Bring the best combinations to your beach getaways! Set the trend!
We are already about to emerge from the pandemic and to leave this long period behind we must do so with the greatest vivacity. According to Vogue magazine , the great designers of the fashion world are adopting the idea of ​​using bright and vivid tones for any item of clothing, either alone or combined with each other.
This means that discreet tones are about to be left out of trends, at least in the spring-summer period of this year.
So, what are the colors that will best suit your beach outfit?
Light Blue
Extremely striking and ideal to combine with the waves, sand and sun. Our Froggy Line , Aquareli Teal or Blue Origamix suits are your perfect options to show off light blues of different shades.
candy pink
For years, the color pink has not only become a neutral color for any gender, but it has become one of the most notable colors to be used attractively in all types of clothing. Our Pink Lemonade or Pink Origamix outfit are ideal for pink lovers! Use it this holiday to always go with the trend.
Red fire
For colorful outfits with great character, bright red cannot be missing. Due to its extremely striking tone, ourSea Horse suit can be ideally combined with white or blue shirts. Show it off at any destination you go to!
Purple Very Peri  
One of the most discreet for the trends of this spring 2022 period, but uncommon, unique and elegant, purple will be the most notable on the catwalks in March and April. OurLemonrope is a perfect alternative for the next vacation as it combines this color with the aforementioned light blue.
Remember: tastes break genres. Check out any of our other options here and define your own style! Set your own trend with Tintarella!