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Best books to take with you to the beach

Mejores libros para llevar contigo a la playa
Best books to take with you to the beach
Children in the pool, in the waves or playing in the sand, with their Tintarella . You on a lounge chair, with a pina colada or a coconut and, to rest fully, without your cell phone: better a book. We already gave you that image. Do you already know which book will accompany you?
From bestsellers, self-improvement successes, novels, to stories and poetry, here we tell you which are our favorite readings for your beach vacation. Enjoy them!
These are the books that everyone is reading. Don't be left behind and discover what is moving and exciting other readers like you:
Daughters of History - by historian Isabel Revuelta Poo, this book has been a bestseller on Amazon Mexico. And rightly so, through accessible and entertaining prose, the author revitalizes and fairly revalues ​​the most important women who participated in the history of Mexico.
Atomic habits - currently among the 10 best-selling books on all of Amazon, the text by author James Clear has been a success for his journey through the best, proven methods to improve lifestyle by changing habits. Useful for anyone looking to improve themselves and chart a successful path, the book is an excellent reading option this year.
Many Lives, Many Teachers - Written by Dr. Brian Weiss, this bestseller tells a moving spiritual story that will move anyone. The plot, in a few words, follows the story of a patient of the doctor who, through hypnosis, manages to remember her past lives and communicate with great spirits who transmit their knowledge and wisdom to her.
Novel and story
Great stories for great trips. Immerse yourself in these fantastic stories that won't let you put down the book and will make you enjoy until the last page!
The cannibal's daughter - What would you do if while you were waiting for a plane flight your partner went to the bathroom and never came back? This is the premise of one of the best novels by acclaimed Spanish author Rosa Montero. For those who like mysterious plots and skillful prose, this book is the choice.
The penultimate time I was a bullet man - the success of Israeli author Etgar Keret has already traveled the world because his intelligent, creative and, most of all, entertaining stories have done nothing but amaze everyone who reads them. This, his latest book of stories, follows his style of short but involving stories, with very varied and fun themes, and is ideal to be read relaxed, little by little.
For those who are looking for a different reading, to be carried away by the images of the words or simply to be inspired, these are two great books of poetry to take on your vacation.
Love poetry - we love Jaime Sabines! This book, brief and ideal for a moment alone, is a great classic of poetry in our language. Nothing like falling in love at sea!
Jaguar - the great Mexican poet and essayist Elsa Cross travels throughout Mexico without leaving her compilation of poems. And each one refers to pre-Hispanic locations whose images surprise us both in their words and in real life. Travel with her and she with you on your next vacation!
It doesn't matter what your option is! Give yourself a break with Tintarella and your favorite book.