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Tanning for men? Clear! Here are the best tips

¿Bronceado para hombres? ¡Claro! Acá los mejores tips
Tanning for men? Clear! Here are the best tips
Today, and for a few years now, tanning has become a very common trend among young and adult men. When it's on point, tanning helps highlight the lines of a body worked out in the gym or combines with the design of any swimsuit. With that in mind, don't miss the opportunity to get a tan on your winter vacation and show off your tan with your favorite Tintarella ! Follow these tips to get a perfect tan:
  1. Exfoliate beforehand
Eliminate all dead cells from your skin so that its color is more uniform when tanning. Ideally, exfoliating should be a habit for any healthy skin, but if you have the time, try to exfoliate a day before your sun exposure. Exfoliants are found in various presentations, whether in bar soap or gel. Consult a dermatologist to find out which one is best for your skin.
  • Eat healthily
  • Oh really! A varied diet rich in vegetables benefits the health of the skin and its preparation before sun exposure. Increase your consumption of tomatoes, mangoes, carrots, spinach and oily fish, such as tuna, before your vacation to promote a better tan.
    1. Use tanning cream
    To avoid damaging your skin, being at risk of dermatological diseases and, naturally, achieving the expected tanning effect and duration, apply tanning cream to your skin about 30 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun. Check that your cream has a sun protection factor greater than 30, that it is water resistant, and apply it every 2 hours while you are in the sun.
  • Take care of your sun exposure time
  • Avoid burning your skin and be careful when counting your minutes in direct sunlight. 30 minutes of exposure are recommended in order to achieve an adequate tan without damaging the skin: 15 face up and 15 face down. The hours before 10 in the morning and after 4 in the afternoon are considered the best in order to avoid the most harmful rays of sunlight.
  • Hydrate
  • In addition to drinking enough water before and after sun exposure, apply moisturizing lotion after your tan. Hydration strengthens your skin cells and benefits the desired color effect.
  • Tan gradually
  • Naturally, to maintain a tan for longer you have to be consistent. Thus, try to follow the tanning process for 3 days of your vacation. Don't overdo it: your skin could become red and peel.
    1. Let your skin rest
    Rest is part of care: after your time in the sun, find a shady place and apply protective cream to your skin. Preferably, avoid activities that involve long time out of the shade.
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