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Vacation on the beach!: how to care for your children's hair

¡Vacaciones en la playa!: cómo cuidar el pelo de tus hijos

Vacation on the beach!: how to care for your children's hair

There's nothing like a family outing to the beach ! It is there where children form some of their best memories. But to give them a perfect experience you have to make sure you give them the best care for their skin and hair.

Taking care of your children's hair on the beach is essential if you want it to stay healthy, hydrated and firm for a long time, even after the holidays, especially if we consider long and abundant hair.

Since the sun, sea or pool water, and sand are factors that can damage hair, it is better to learn how to protect it and keep it healthy. Follow these tips that we recommend at Tintarella to achieve this!

  1. Trim the ends before the trip

Hair with split and dry ends tends to be damaged more if it is not treated early . If your daughter's or son's hair is already showing signs of wear, consider that a little trim won't hurt at all as a care measure .

  1. Wet your hair before entering the pool or sea

Hair, when dry, tends to absorb any element that contains water. For this reason, it is preferable to wet it with purified water from a shower or spray, if you have one, so that the hair does not absorb the salt, chlorine or other soluble substances present in the pool or seawater.

  1. Use conditioner

In addition to moisturizing the hair, silicone conditioners help protect the hair from substances that may be harmful. Apply it to your children's hair after the previous step. It doesn't matter if your product doesn't have silicone, keeping your hair hydrated is essential for optimal care. Also use coconut oil. A small amount is enough to take care of the chemicals and salts in the water.

  1. Tie your hair and cover it

In addition to the water in the pool and the sea, the sun is an aggravation of the hair. Tie long hair in buns or braids and cover it with caps or hats. Naturally, shade prevents dehydration, which is one of the main causes of hair damage, so try to keep your daughters' or sons' heads covered when they are not in the pool or playing in the waves.

  1. Wash, detangle and let dry

It is essential that you always rinse your hair with plenty of water after the last dip . Use shampoo and conditioner when washing and brushing . Since hair dries more quickly in hot climates, you should avoid leaving it with knots that may be difficult to remove later. It is recommended, on the beach, to let your hair dry in the open air and not with dryers.

We hope our tips help you! To enjoy the sea more, don't forget to take one of our incredible wetshirts for boys or girls with UV protection. Find them here !